In New Zealand, caring about the environment is a way of life. It guides everything we do and ensures that we put sustainable farming practices first for the good of future generations.

This commitment sees all our wool produced with a low environmental impact thanks to each farm’s incredible scope and efficiency as well as dedication to animal welfare and caring for the land. In fact, New Zealand wool has a lower carbon footprint than wools of other origins thanks to herds averaging 2,500 sheep that are processed at a scale that provides unsurpassed efficiency.

Our farmers love working with nature and know that happy healthy sheep are more productive animals. They are willing participants in our Laneve programme which ensures the highest level of integrity is maintained at all times.

This sees farmers in the programme independently audited by AsureQuality New Zealand to verify excellence in animal husbandry. 

But championing land management, animal welfare, social responsibilities and transparency isn’t enough. We are constantly researching into new and improved ways to reduce the impact of growing and processing wool while raising its quality. We also grow wool for specific end uses allowing us to optimise production efficiencies as we select exactly the right wool fit for each product and can adjust our farming methods to suit a customer’s needs.

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