We’re all about transparency. So, it seemed only natural for us to welcome the RWS, a new voluntary global standard for sheep welfare and the land they graze on. In fact, we thought it was such a great idea, we’ve been working with the Textile Exchange to support its development. 

To us, RWS marks an important step forward in providing the wool industry with the level of transparency it needs.

Thanks to RWS, the integrity of our fibre is assured from wool growing on a sheep to it becoming someone’s favourite jumper.


Our RWS auditing is provided by our auditing partner, AsureQuality. Also, thanks to our wool farmers' commitment to best practise as well as driving improvements, more and more are becoming RWS certified.   


The very first RWS product using our traceable RWS wool has been released by Marks & Spencer as a range of menswear products. The very first farmer to grow RWS wool for M&S even wears his own wool.