Tokowool is a special blend of extra resilient, high-loft wools carefully crafted from selected sheep, that graze free-range in the beautiful New Zealand landscape, working in harmony with nature we have created this unique fibre blend.

Toko in New Zealand Maori can be interpreted as "begin to move, to spring up", It is a word that encapsulates optimism and vitality.   Developed especially for high-loft materials Tokowool is perfct for high-performance fillings and textiles.

tokowool from Wools of New Zealand

Tokowool has inherent properties that are literally grown in the fleece, the fibre is simply as it was formed by selecting the sheep with the most resilient, hardy and buoyant wool that we could find.  No chemical, or mechanical manipulation is needed for Tokowool's superior performance.

Tokowool is created solely by nature, we have simply used the purest air, the freshest water, the cleanest soils and very special breeds of sheep to produce long lasting and exceptional high-loft wool.

tokowool from Wools of New Zealand

Tokowool is a 100% natural process, making it much more carbon efficient than similar high-bulk products. Wools of New Zealand farms are on average 16 times larger than UK farms, this is just one reason how New Zealand farms are 28% more carbon efficient including the transport to Europe.

Our testing shows that Tokowool has amazing bulk, as much as 50% more bulk than standard strong wools without any artificial manipulation.

For bedding Tokowool is exclusively available from our partner ENKEV NATURAL FIBRES.

The partnership between Wools of New Zealand and the Enkev Group underlines shared values and a strong belief in directly traceable wool, which is great for the customer, and good for the grower.

Keeping the supply chain as pure and effective as possible, with direct contact between Enkev customers looking for 100% natural loft, and the Wools of New Zealand farmers, who carefully listen to their customers’ needs, has combined into a uniquely fluffy crossbreed flock that grows 100% naturally 5kg of lofty Tokowool per sheep annually.


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